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Vista Drive Icon 1.5

It helps you replace the traditional drive icons with some more modern ones
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Are you using the Windows operating system older then Window Vista? If yes, then it means you have just dead icons for your drives, which does not provide you with any information about used space and free space available in the drives, and have an old fashion look. But here is an opportunity for you to get Window Vista style icons, which not only have modern stylish look but also provide you enough information about each drives consumed space and free space available. And it’s all in a graphical alive icon manner of each drive. Whenever you start using this tiny utility, I am sure you will be habitual and love it and can’t live without it. It is because whenever you require to check your drives space you does not require to open properties window of each drive. Simply look at the drives icon and you will get the idea of available free space and consumed space. But of course if you want to know the exact amount of consumed space and available free space then you have to go for drives property window. This utility launches with window and so you do not require to start it each time. And also not make your computer slower.

Manoj Goel
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  • It's free
  • Impressive Icons look
  • Saves time
  • Not heavy on system


  • Doesn't provide exact information on icon in digits
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